Our History:

The Georgia Street Community Garden was started by Mark Covington, a resident of the neighborhood near Harper and Gratiot where the Garden is located.  Mark was out of work and began cleaning up three empty lots near his grandmother's house.  Mark (known to many as "Cub" from the DetroitYes! forum (www.detroityes.com) only intended to police the lot's litter and garbage. But as he cleared away the corner, he became inspired to turn it into a community garden.

With the help of volunteers, and several urban gardening organizations, this empty lot is now the first of the Georgia Street Community Gardens.  Mark began to think in bigger terms...terms like revitalization of the neighborhood, helping the youth of the neighborhood, bringing business to the area, and more.  He had a vision for the area, but knew that he could not accomplish all of it alone.

Through DetroitYes!, Mark gathered a few like-minded friends and appointed them to the Board of Directors of what was to become the Georgia Street Community Collective, Inc. in November of 2008.  The Mission Statement was drafted and work was begun on how to achieve the goals.  Given the success of the project, Covington was inspired to add an educational component, using the garden as a way to mentor students. Now he intends to refurbish the old corner store and to turn its attached home into a community center. And the project keeps growing. The garden now comprises five lots on Georgia, including a fruit orchard.

--partially taken from Michael Jackman's story titled "Food Fighters" published in the Detroit Metro Times dated 5-27-09.   Click to read the full story http://www2.metrotimes.com/food/story.asp?id=13996

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Our Directors:

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Mark Covington, President/Director

Percell Jordan, Vice President

Lorraine Covington, Treasurer/Secretary/Co-Director

Peggy Thomas, Member

Phillip Laurie,  Member

Judy Locke, Member

Kristine Hahn, Member

Phyllis Zimmerman, Secretary (Emeritus)

Bob Hovansian, Member(Emeritus)

Tammy Watt, Member (Emeritus)